Skein brings together 15 creative women; we are artists, producers, writers and more, launching into the industry with the power of the collective.

Based in Merseyside our group bursts of creativity: from Actors to SFX artists, from Filmmakers to Directors, from Producers to Writers, from Dancers to Designers… and more! Together we are Skein Collective: drawing together our individual artistry and growing stronger together.

Skein Collective was founded in 2020, after experiencing Tmesis Theatre’s Wicked Women Development Course, where each of us developed our own creative ambition.

Check out the team and get to know everyone in Skein! And don’t forget to connect with us on social media @theskeincollective.

Welcome to Skein Collective!



Life in Static was our first project, the big finale to our time with Tmesis Theatre. A digital grapevine of creativity, we each had 24 hours to respond creatively to the theme, then passing our response along to inspire the next!

Supported by Tmesis Theatre, we are now launching: First Times, a project capturing our creative responses as we emerge into this world’s ‘new normal’.

We are always eager to hear from artists, companies and new projects; so do get in touch if you have any opportunities or would like to connect with us as a group or individually.



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