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First Times

'First Times’ is a four part digital creative response; capturing the uncertainty, sentimentality and more that comes in this time of huge change! This exciting project is crafted in a time of distance and isolation, bringing artistic women together digitally to create.

Together these projects are ‘First Times’, the launching work of Skein Collective!

Made possible by the funding and support of Tmesis Theatre, Skein Collective was founded from members of their recent Wicked Women Development Course, where together we developed our skills and ambitions as creative women in Merseyside.

We will be sharing our responses from the 27th of October!

With dating being harder than ever in lockdown and the search for a vaccine is 

ongoing, could a higher connection rather 

than a good  WiFi collection be the answer?


Created By Ada Eravama, Alex Stringer, Mariana Pires & Martyna Puciato. 

First Dates

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First Memories

First Memories captures the sentimentality of those distance thoughts with imagery and poetry.

Created by Amelia Baker & Kadisha Kayani.

07 First Time in the Arts C.jpg

First Times

in the Arts

“In a dark time for the arts, shine a light on the reason we started and the

reason we’ll stay”.


We invite you to share your first memories of the arts. Whether that is all the way back to your very first experience, or the first time trying something new that’s set you on another path! 


We want to hear it all and share some wonderful experiences. 

Created by Rebecca McGreevy, Emma Dyson, Faye Donnellan & Seonnie Sergeant. 

09 First The Worst B .PNG

First the Worst

'First the Worst' is a musical, verbal & physical reflection on life post first-heartbreak. The words were born from journals of Alice’s first break-up & used as compositional tools for the movement created.

Created by Alice Lapworth.

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